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Frais devant !
  • 8 PM
    Quick, guests are arriving - time to prepare some nibbles!
    You will need...

  • 12:30
    Keep your strength up for that meeting after lunch!
    You will need...

  • 11:30
    A little treat for Sunday brunch!
    You will need...

  • 21:30
    On the menu tonight: homemade pizza!
    You will need...

Our collections

More than a brand, 

a tastemaker

Our charcuterie products can be found in the chilled food aisle where we offer a choice of self-service and pre-packed options.

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Organic Ajaccio Coppa

Introducing organic Ajaccio Coppa, a new product for your get-togethers with family and friends.

The unmistakable taste of charcuterie from the Isle of Beauty

Integral to the Corsican identity, charcuterie from the Isle of Beauty is smoked with hardwood from Corsica (chestnut and oak), bringing greater authenticity and culture to your plate.

Our little recipes

To the recipes

The joys of an impromptu snack.

Fresh Devant offers a selection of recipes ideal for all your snack moments.