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About Us

A mouthwatering brand

Our charcuterie products can be found in the chilled food aisle where we offer a choice of self-service and pre-packed options.

entreprise frais devant
Mathieu Dorfmann

Founded on passion

Mathieu Dorfmann has worked in the meat industry for over fifteen years.


He also enjoys entertaining guests, having fun and throwing dinner parties.


Chatting to his friends, he realised that certain types of charcuterie were rarely being eaten, simply because they were not as well known. That was ten years ago. It inspired him to create a strong range of good quality traceable products that offered something new on the supermarket shelves. Frais Devant was born.


Streamlined packaging, all non-essential information removed

Fresh and original

We pride ourselves on our blend of lucidity and humour Frais Devant’s slightly quirky character is embodied in our new logo.

Simple and effective

Vertical labelling is introduced, putting more focus on the product itself - nothing beats the bare essentials !

Un packaging “sans gras ni mention inutiles”

Quality first

We are clear when it comes to packaging, as well as the provenance and quality of our products.

Our labels

Label Le Porc Français guarantees 100% French meat.
Label Spécialité Traditionelle Garantie guarantees the geographic provenance (Grisons - Switzerland).
Label Auvergne guarantees that the product was made in Auvergne.
Label bio europe European guarantee: all contractors involved in making the product are certified organic.
Frais Devant - Charcuterie Bio French national label guaranteeing that 95% of the ingredients used are certified organic.
Label Indication Géographique Protégée The Traditional Speciality Guarantee (STG: Spécialité Traditionnelle Garantie) relates to a product's composition, production method and traditional processing.

Recycling instructions may apply to our packaging/products.

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