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New flavour

Organic Ajaccio Coppa

Introducing organic Ajaccio Coppa, a new product for your get-togethers with family and friends.


Salt cured pork shoulder is smoked with Corsican hardwood before being dried.


Its smooth, robust flavour will fast become a staple part of your pre-dinner drinks and dinner parties.

A whole terroir

The unmistakable taste of charcuterie from the Isle of Beauty

Integral to the Corsican identity, charcuterie from the Isle of Beauty is smoked with hardwood from Corsica (chestnut and oak), bringing greater authenticity and culture to your plate. In keeping with tradition, local methods of production have been maintained : dry curing and specific drying time.

This unique savoir-faire has been passed on from one generation to the next, giving the charcuterie produced in an area rich in landforms and natural resources its distinctive and incomparable flavour.

The combination of the island’s temperate Mediterranean climate and ancestral savoir-faire results in charcuterie of the highest quality.

A whole terroir

Sliced Grison Beef, Swiss excellence

Mountain dwellers from Grisons in Switzerland used to spend the long winter months stranded in their valleys. So they preserved what they hunted, along with any livestock they had before winter.
The entire Grison beef production is governed by the legacy of this tradition. It is exclusively produced in the Grisons area of Switzerland at a minimum altitude of 800 m.

The meat is taken from the muscle of the cow’s thigh, which is spiced, salted, dried and matured slowly and carefully.

The process lasts three or four months, during which time the meat is dried until it loses 50% of its original weight and is regularly pressed to achieve its distinctive rectangular shape. Each piece of beef is manipulated at least 25 times to finally obtain a product that complies with the Organic IGP Sliced Grison Beef geographical specification.