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Our little stories

New flavour

Organic Ajaccio Coppa

Introducing organic Ajaccio Coppa, a new product for your get-togethers with family and friends.


Salt cured pork shoulder is smoked with Corsican hardwood before being dried.


Its smooth, robust flavour will fast become a staple part of your pre-dinner drinks and dinner parties.

Coppa BIO d'Ajaccio
New flavour

Dried sausage with Espelette pepper

We think pre-dinner drinks with friends is an ideal opportunity to sample our dried sausage with Espelette pepper.


Made from French pork and produced at the gateway to the Auvergne. It is matured for eight weeks at seven hundred metres altitude between the Puy de Dôme and the Cantal.


Enjoy its perfectly balanced spicy and sweet taste to your heart’s content.

Pousses de piment d'espelette
New flavour

Organic Italian Cured Ham

What makes our organic Italian cured ham stand out is the fact that it is produced with respect for animal welfare and does not involve intensive farming.

The Italian pigs are reared in optimal conditions: they can move about freely and are regularly let out to graze. How many there are depends on the space available but is laid down by law, depending on the species. They are therefore never overcrowded and only eat organic feed.

Quality livestock farming enables us to produce the very best hams.

Sustainably produced in Parma, the ham is dried for 18 months before being finely sliced. The coherent and careful approach to each step of the process gives the organic Italian cured ham an exceptional quality.

Jambons de Parme suspendus

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